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General Information about the School Library Network

The School Library Network has the responsibility to serve 898 schools inclusive of both primary and secondary libraries on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information through six Regional offices as follows:
RegionsParishesNo. of Schools
Region 1Kingston & St. Andrew 127
Region 2Portland, St. Thomas & St. Mary 154
Region 3St. Ann & Trelawny 105
Region 4St. James, Hanover & Westmoreland 146
Region 5Manchester & St. Elizabeth149
Region 6St. Catherine & Clarendon 217
Total as at March 2022898

Status of School Libraries

The status of school libraries is classified as Active, Partially Active, Inactive and Schools without Libraries.  Schools without Libraries are further classified as schools that give Access to the Collection and those that provide No Library Service.  The criteria for each classification is provided below:
Active School Libraries
–     Designated library room –     Personnel in charge of the school library –     Access to the collection
Partially Active School Libraries
–     Designated library room –     Personnel in charge of the library –     Limited access to the collection  
Inactive School Libraries
–     Designated library room –     Personnel/no personnel in charge of the library –     No access to the collection
Schools without Libraries (No Library Room)
–     Access to the Collection –     No library Service
The table below indicates the number of schools served by category and classification
CategoryActivePartially ActiveInactive ActiveSchools Without Libraries – (Access to Collection)Schools Without Libraries – (No access to Collection)# of Schools Served
All Age226412852
Primary & Junior High39565358
Technical High900009