Become a Member

Children under fifteen (15) years of age are eligible for membership once they are able to write their names. An application card must be completed on which the parent/guardian is required to complete a section of the form granting approval for the child to become a member of the library.

Temporary Membership

Visitors from overseas are welcome to use the facilities of the public libraries in the Jamaica Library Service. To access the lending service, a foreign visitor (defined as an overseas resident in the Island for six (6) months or less) must pay a refundable deposit of JA$2,000.00 to become a registered reader along with the completion of the procedure for registration. A Visitor’s Deposit Release form and receipt will be issued. Refund of the Visitor’s Deposit should be collected within one (1) year. If this is not done the deposit will be transferred to the Library’s Donation Account. The visitor is so advised in the Visitor’s Deposit Release Form when registering.