Enforcement Measures

On March 13, 2020, the Government of Jamaica declared the entire island a “disaster area” in accordance with S.26 of the 2015 Disaster Risk Management Act; a response to the concerns surrounding the threat that is the novel COVID-19 virus.

A declaration of such kind can only be made once the Prime Minister – on advice of the Minister responsible for disaster preparedness – is satisfied that a disaster is occurring and that extraordinary measures are required to prevent or minimize loss of life or harm to the health of persons.

Upon the declaration of a disaster area, the Prime Minister may, by Order, identify and direct the enforcement of several measures which he believes are desirable for the removing or safeguarding against such a hazard.

Non-compliant civilians face serious consequences, including a potential fine of no more than one million JMD and imprisonment for no more than twelve (12) months.

Source: Jamaicans for Justice